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About Us

Ray Taouk
Managing Director

FLDC Architects has been delivering innovative, quality design and construction for over 14 years. We pride ourselves on bringing a hands-on approach to every project we take on, ensuring that our jobs take shape just as our clients envisioned.

We shepherd many of our projects all the way through from conception to completion – something that leads us to create efficient, innovative and elegant designs that achieve our clients’ visions in practical ways.

We’re versatile enough to take on projects of any size – from house alterations to shopping centre design – while bringing the same rigorous vision and attention to detail to each assignment.

Over the years we’ve developed an expert team of trusted in-house consultants and a strong network of reliable builders. We can move forward with even the most complex projects, confident that they will be built on deadline, within budget and at the superior level of quality our customers have come to expect.

Bring us a vision, and we’ll make it a reality.