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The Point – Luxury waterfront home

The Point Kangaroo Point, Sydney Accessible to a private deep waterfront area at the rear, this promising site also presented some steep challenges. Working as both project architects and construction managers, we overcame these difficulties to let shine the inherent virtues of a truly spectacular location. Central to this effort was the high cantilevered balcony […]

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Sylvannia Waters – Extreme home renovation

Extreme home renovation Sylvania Waters, Sydney At FLDC we love a challenge – and that’s certainly what this job presented. We were tasked with an extensive renovation of an ageing home, with the stipulation that the renovation should look seamless, so that the old house would be indistinguishable from the new. Plus, the budget was […]

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Bayview – Challenging residential block

Challenging residential block Bayview, NSW From first glance this site looked like a challenge. This fantastic Bayview residential location rises sharply from the street, before coming to a steep 15-metre drop at its rear. It was a puzzle – how best to approach the design? Then we had our eureka moment: interior and exterior sightlines […]

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Sans Souci – Luxury family residence

Luxury family residence Sans Souci, NSW Tasked with designing this magnificent double-level 5-bedroom family residence, we knew the brief would demand some astute solutions. The features that make this design so remarkable – its grand curved stair, double-height open void foyer, cantilevered balcony with concrete feature blade, and swimming pool – also created a lot […]

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