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Abbotsford – Compact, impressive corner residence

Compact, impressive corner residence

St Albans House

Abbotsford, Sydney

This was a true challenge: tasked with incorporating three bedrooms, expansive open-plan living, a garage and a wine cellar, we leaped at the chance to showcase a grand design on an truly compact 230sqm corner block.

Thinking laterally, we chose a side-street facing for the main entrance, giving a larger frontage and adding impressive size and character to the entire home.

Then we rigorously pruned back all excess space, cutting hallways, corridors and pathways. Every design feature had to play multiple roles – the central stair also identified the foyer area while splitting the formal lounge from the kitchen and dining area. An open void over the foyer allowed in ample natural light, creating an airy, spacious impression.

In the end, the remarkable combination of space, light and materials opened up the hidden potential of this site, creating a highly attractive residence for one very satisfied client.