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Sans Souci – Luxury family residence

Luxury family residence

Sans Souci, NSW

Tasked with designing this magnificent double-level 5-bedroom family residence, we knew the brief would demand some astute solutions. The features that make this design so remarkable – its grand curved stair, double-height open void foyer, cantilevered balcony with concrete feature blade, and swimming pool – also created a lot of initial structural challenges.

Painstaking technical design and extensive consultation with our structural engineers enabled us to achieve every single intended outcome without sacrificing the integrity of the design.

By attaching the swimming pool to the kitchen and living areas with a floor-to-ceiling glazed wall, we brought it visually and physically into the interior structure, further uniting the design with an overhanging shading balcony and external landscaped area. We finished off the facade with composite aluminium panels, acrylic render, glass and natural stone for a striking and effortlessly modern design.