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Sylvania Waters – Extreme home renovation

Extreme home renovation

Wollondilly House

Sylvania Waters, Sydney

At FLDC we love a challenge – and that’s certainly what this job presented. We were tasked with an extensive renovation of an ageing home, with the stipulation that the renovation should look seamless, so that the old house would be indistinguishable from the new.

Plus, the budget was tight. We needed to plan carefully to achieve the modern look the client was after, at the cost they could afford.

We pulled out all the stops to find economical ways to update the property, using cost-effective materials and canny sourcing of products. Shopping around, we ended up finding a surplus steel stair frame that we revamped into a perfect design feature, and ended up saving our client around $45,000. Needless to say, they were ecstatic.

The end result looks like an entirely new house rather than a renovation. Home magazine agreed, featuring an extensive profile of the project in their pages.

“Our decision to engage FLDC for our home renovation project turned out to be one of our best. The entire process – from design, planning and construction to the interior design – was seamless.” – Sanjay