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The Point – Luxury waterfront home

The Point

Kangaroo Point, Sydney

Accessible to a private deep waterfront area at the rear, this promising site also presented some steep challenges. Working as both project architects and construction managers, we overcame these difficulties to let shine the inherent virtues of a truly spectacular location.
Central to this effort was the high cantilevered balcony that we designed and built for a magnificent water view over the Georges River, as well as the magnesium mineral swimming pool redesigned in a striking leaf shape to allow panoramic views.
Blessed with an already fascinating project, FLDC remained consistent in our commitment to further innovate: we devised and built a car turntable to overcome parking constraints, constructed a massive rainwater tank and a steam room, and built a rooftop garden to reduce heat load, harvest rainwater and, most essentially, to cut energy costs. The results speak for themselves.