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Warrawee – Flexible & diverse apartments

Flexible & diverse apartments

Elbertie Apartments

Warrawee, Sydney

Going in, we knew that budget would be key on this project. To this end, we first reviewed the existing apartment layouts with a view to perceptions of space, practical design, flexibility of use and long-term value, as well as maintaining the highest architectural standards possible.

We were mindful that potential residents would span a diverse spectrum – would these apartments suit single residents, students, and elderly persons as well as families of all sizes and residents with limited mobility? This initial conceptual work paid off in the end, ensuring that both the apartment layouts and the end sale price were appealing to residents across a broad income range.

By successfully meeting the client’s brief to simplify the structure and construction processes, we brought the project to a highly successful resolution well within budget constraints – all of which made us very popular with our developer client.