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Bayview – Challenging residential block

Challenging residential block Bayview, NSW From first glance this site looked like a challenge. This fantastic Bayview residential location rises sharply from the street, before coming to a steep 15-metre drop at its rear. It was a puzzle – how best to approach the design? Then we had our eureka moment: interior and exterior sightlines […]

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Mortdale – Three-level shopping centre

Three-level shopping centre Mortdale, NSW There’s genuine pleasure in tackling a large-scale undertaking. The client’s brief for this three-level shopping centre – comprising 12,000 square metres of retail space and over 400 car spaces – specified each level as designed for a particular commercial tenant: a supermarket, a health and fitness club, and a retail […]

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Sans Souci – Luxury family residence

Luxury family residence Sans Souci, NSW Tasked with designing this magnificent double-level 5-bedroom family residence, we knew the brief would demand some astute solutions. The features that make this design so remarkable – its grand curved stair, double-height open void foyer, cantilevered balcony with concrete feature blade, and swimming pool – also created a lot […]

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Warrawee – Flexible & diverse apartments

Flexible & diverse apartments Elbertie Apartments Warrawee, Sydney Going in, we knew that budget would be key on this project. To this end, we first reviewed the existing apartment layouts with a view to perceptions of space, practical design, flexibility of use and long-term value, as well as maintaining the highest architectural standards possible. We […]

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