February, 2021

Our work in the education sector is guided by the belief that a well-considered built environment can have a profoundly positive impact on the educational, social and emotional growth of its occupants. With this philosophy in mind, we have delivered over 50 early learning and childcare facilities for the care and education of 3,700+ children. We have also completed work in the tertiary and community education sectors.

Our depth of experience means that we are able to help clients navigate the planning approval process and ensure full compliance with their legal and operational requirements while maximising site yield potential. We foster collaboration and positive relationships between local councils, governing bodies, landlords and operators to ensure our designs balance the varied needs of multiple stakeholders, including owners, operators, students, educators and parents.

Most importantly, we seek to create environments that nurture the social, emotional and physical well being of all students and staff while supporting positive learning and teaching outcomes. We do this by providing a comfortable and highly adaptable space that promotes engagement and participation.

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