Every project at FLDC Architects is a bespoke response to brief, budget and site, designed in close collaboration with our clients.

With a strong design philosophy and key understanding of the market, we strive for architectural excellence while maximising each project’s potential and value.

Underpinning all of our work is a commitment to providing world class architectural solutions that combine beauty, sustainability and effortless function to promote a better way of working, learning and living through design.

We’re committed to building a better future,
one design at a time.

At FLDC Architects we prioritise environmental sustainability in every project to ensure we tread lightly and build ‘well’. 

Our approach recognises the importance of providing spaces that respect people, the natural environment and the interests of future generations. This means thinking carefully about site landscape, providing optimum energy and water efficiency, and maximising thermal performance through careful material selection for all new spaces.

We’re always working to improve our processes and to source materials that will reduce our environmental footprint while creating better outcomes for our clients and their communities.